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What are some things that you wish for yourself as you get older; Bikini body, 6-pack abs? Errr, maybe not. As we mature it seems as if the focus moves away from what we see in the mirror, and closer to aligning with a good quality of life. Minimizing aches and pains....

​Winter. For some it’s the wonderland they have been looking forward to all year. For others, it's the time period to remind themselves how wonderful summer is,

​As 2016 ticks down to the final hours, I'm sure some of you already have one (or more) resolutions on your mind to help improve yourself for 2017.  For others, at this point, making a resolution is futile because you feel as though you are already setting yourself up...

Is keeping your mind sharp as you age important to you? The answer you seek may not be in those Sudoku books you buy, but in the steps you took through the book

Experts in the field of exercise (myself included) go on and on all the time about how you should exercise at a moderate intensity or vigorous intensity - or so

How’s your posture? Are you currently reading this post with your shoulders hunched forward and your shoulder blades winging out? Do you feel like your ears are

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