Friends & Family Program

Dear Friend, 


Thank you for considering joining the FitBee Lifestyle family.  I'm anxious to undertake this proof of concept and need your help.


This web page was designed especially for you, giving an overview of my vision and qualifications.  Should you navigate away to other public pages for more context, you'll need to navigate back to this page for special pricing.  You can do so by selecting the back button in your browser, or simply go back to the Friends & Family promotion e-mail and click on the link again.


I'm offering two services at considerable discounts and only ask you to provide candid feedback along with your journey and participate in occasional surveys to help me work out the kinks and improve overall value to you.  We're friends/family, so there will never be any pressure: no commitment now or later, plenty of flexibility, and honest communication. 


Please take a look at the plans below and determine if either suit to your motivations.  Initial promotional pricing is good for three consecutive months, at which point revised pricing can be discussed.


I appreciate your consideration in partnering and helping me realize my online fitness vision!

Best in Health, 




Jordans Background

Learn more about Jordan here.

Virtual coaching at it's best.

Say goodbye to intimidating personal training sessions at busy gyms and avoid the frustrating traffic.  I'm available to meet with you from the comfort of your home or wherever you are!

Using the latest in user-friendly one-click video conferencing, you and I will communicate real-time to get the most out of our working relationship.

If you have a smartphone or webcam-ready laptop or desktop, you're already all set!

Here's what to expect.

After you complete your pre-participation screening and we finish your initial 45-minute online video consultation, I'll build an exercise program that's right for you.  One that you can do from anywhere; the comfort of your home, hotel room, gym or anywhere else you find yourself.  


I'll compliment the fitness plan with nutritional guidance and other wellness support based on your individual needs.


AND I'll hold you accountable using several touch points to ensure success!

Become independent with your wellness.

Yep, you read that right.  I want to teach you everything that I know about fitness and wellness so that one day you will be so confident in knowing what the best choices and activities are for you, that you can no longer feel like you need someone to tell you what to do, even if that person is me.


The plans listed below are the foundation plans to help develop a solid wellness foundation for yourself, with a lot of support and interaction with me to make sure you stay focused on your goals.  


The chart on the left illustrates a general idea of how the independence projection will go.  Everyone is different and has different needs and personalities.  The foundational section will last three months minimum but may take longer, based on your progress and comfort. The gaining independence and maintenance phases as well are not set in stone timelines, rather the periods of time that both you and I will strive for as one of you many wellness goals.


You will learn more about the gaining independence and maintenance phases once you begin your foundation's program.

Choose the program that's right for you.

FitBee Classic Bundle
FitBee Premium
(with Fitbit Tracker)
FitBee Premium
(without Fitbit Tracker)
of Plan
3 Months*
3 Months*
3 Months*
Initial 45-Minute
Live Video Consultation
Customized Exercise Plan
Individualized Q&A Feedback
Members Only Resources
Follow up Live Video Consultations
(scheduled every other week)
(scheduled weekly)
(scheduled weekly)
Food Log Feedback
2 times per month
Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker
Price Per Month
$99 / month
$149 / month
$124 / month
Reminders & Motivation
Click on the links below for more details
about each service offering.

Still have questions about which service is right for you?  Not ready to commit but want to stay in touch?  Send Jordan a note below or fill out the quick 'Coaching Interest' form.

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