What if I don't have any exercise equipment or access to a gym?

No matter how much or how little fitness equipment you have access to, be assured that you can have a fitness plan that is tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.  With FitBee Lifestyle, you will have access to a truly customized program to help you with your wellness goals, with or without a gym or fancy exercise equipment.  Jordan will work with you to develop a customized program that will fit perfectly with whatever resources you have access to.

I travel a lot for work.  Can this program fit into my busy and on-the-go schedule?

Absolutely!  No matter where you travel - across town, or across the globe, online fitness coaching is perfect to fit your needs.  As long as you have access to the internet and a webcam, you can have full access to all that FitBee Lifestyle offers, wherever you are.

How do I know if I'm doing my exercise program correctly?

As part of the FitBee Lifestyle program, not only will you be able to speak with Jordan via live video feed, she can also watch your techniques and help you correct them in real time.  You also have the option of recording your workouts for Jordan to review and discuss your accomplishments as well as where you may need to improve.

What if I go on vacation?

Your program is designed to fit within your life, including your vacation.  When you know you have a vacation coming up, let Jordan know and she can build a 'vacation mode' program for you, to be able to stay on track with your wellness goals, while still being able to enjoy your much deserved time off.

Can I use this program at the gym?

Yes! This program is tailored to maximize the resources you have, including the gym and any available home exercise equipment.  Be sure to communicate this resource with Jordan when she develops your program.

Will my insurance, HSA or FSA reimburse some or all of the cost of this program?

As long as your physician prescribes such a medical exercise regimen, health club dues/memberships are covered under IRS tax codes for HSA, HRA and FSA coverage.  Please note you will need a physician's diagnosis letter to submit for reimbursement.  At the moment, medical insurance will not cover any portion.

FAQ's : General Questions

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