FAQ's : 

Health Conditions/

Disease Management

What if I have a diagnosed condition such as heart disease, or diabetes?  Is this program appropriate?

Jordan is professionally trained to work with both the healthy population as well as those who have diagnosed conditions.  View her full bio here.  Jordan will develop a plan for you that not only will take into account your current health status, but also send reports to your doctor (with your permission) to show your wellness improvements.

What if I am living with a chronic injury?

Be sure to let Jordan know during your initial conversation, as well as on your health history assessment, so that Jordan can provide you with an effective and safe program that is mindful to your chronic condition.  Depending on the severity, she can work alongside and communicate with your doctor and/or physical therapist as well to make sure you receive the best care for your condition.

What if I get injured?

Tell your coach immediately, when you first notice the ailment, so she can modify your program to help your body heal the safe way as well as continue progress on your overall fitness success.

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