Living Healthier in 8 Weeks with FitBee Lifestyle


Tired of the 'get fit quick' fads not working?


Do you ever feel like you keep trying new things, but always end up back at square one? 


Living Healthier in 8 Weeks is a self-paced online program that will help you build a solid fitness and wellness foundation to create lasting healthy changes.  Not only will this foundation help you physically, but you will also gain so many benefits with things you don't see every day including stress management, sleep quality, lab work and other essential parts of your health that will help you maintain your new lifestyle for the long haul. 


Here is a glimpse at what this program will offer: 


Week 1: Foundations, SMART Goals & Habits

  • What good is trying to improve your well-being, when you don't have an exact target to strive for?  In this lesson, we will go over what to expect during this program as well as how to make your dreams and goals tangible and therefore more able to successfully achieve them.


Week 2: Mindfulness

  • All change begins with a change of mind.  Learn how to become more mindful of your actions and how to be in the present when making healthier choices, such as healthy eating.


Week 3: Be Anti-Sedentary

  • What's that saying? You need to crawl before you walk?  In this lesson, I am going to teach you how to be more mobile throughout the day to prepare you to handle consistent and ever more intensive exercise you will be looking forward to participating in later.


Week 4: Nutrition

  • Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the details; we don't see the forest through the trees. Gluten free this, don't eat that, what the heck is a macro?  In this lesson, I am going to back things up to some nutrition fundamentals that we should all know to make personalized and educated food choices based on our individual goals.


Week 5: Exercise

  • They say that abs are made in the kitchen.  That's true, but you don't achieve definition solely on the food you eat.  In this lesson, we'll go over the foundations of exercise, how to participate safely and in a way where you will finally start seeing those results outwardly and inwardly.


Week 6: Sleep and Stress Management

  • I have never met a person who isn't interested in regaining control of their stress and improve their quality of sleep.  In this lesson, we'll review some known and not as known reasons why we can't get proper shuteye and why we are in a constant state of stress (and why our bodies are not built for that).  


Week 7: Getting Back on Track when Life Happens

  • You are doing so well with your progress, then all of a sudden [insert your excuse] happens.  You're motivation waivers; your eye is off the target.  In this lesson, we'll learn to accept that not every day will be an ideal day and ways you can overcome these barriers to resume your regularly scheduled progress.


Week 8: Vacation Mode and Bringing It All Together.

  • This is a continuation of last week, although vacation is a planned barrier you need to learn how to overcome.  In this lesson, we'll go over strategies to stay on track while having fun on your well-deserved vacay, as well as putting together all the topics we've gone over these past two months.


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Living Healthier in 8 Weeks 

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