Scientifically-Backed, Safe, and Effective Fitness & Wellness Coaching.

No matter where you are in the world, you can work with a clinically trained coach with experience helping both the disease management client and the high-risk client, who wants to help you to regain control of your well-being, but not sure where to start.

Your personalized program will be developed after you complete the comprehensive health and wellness assessment and with input from both the coach AND YOU, determine the exact wellness goals, wishes, dreams and accomplishments you want to focus on to achieve and improve your quality of life.

How Is This Different From Traditional Personal Training?
  1. Jordan is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist and has helped hundreds of cardiovascular and metabolically challenged clients improve their health and wellness.

  2. Because all coaching will be done online, you are not tethered to one location to receive quality fitness and wellness programming and education.  Jordan will be able to work with you no matter where you are: home, work or vacation, as long as you have a computer, a webcam, or even a smart phone, you can improve your wellness from anywhere in the world.  

  3. This program is not just about developing a workout program for you.  In addition to your personalized exercise program that has been developed based on you assessment answers, your individual input and your day to day situation, this program is designed to help you improve your behavior with incorporating more health and wellness into your everyday life.

  4.  "I WANT YOU TO DEVELOP YOUR FITNESS INDEPENDENCE!"  Yep, you read that right, one of Jordan's goals is to help you develop your fitness independence by structuring the program where you will need to touchbase with Jordan less and less, because your wellness confidence will be going through the roof!

*Timeline - There is no set schedule when signing up for the program as well as progression.  The graph above and the explanations below help paint a picture of we will build your solid foundation and continue your progress towards complete fitness and wellness confidence and independence.  The graph is just an example of how the projection may go, everyone and every need is different.


Fitness Foundations & Establishing New Lifestyle The first several months are crucial in setting your foundation to improve your health and wellness.  Most habits and noticeable changes take about two to three months to manifest.  


Gaining Independence But Still Need AccountabilityYou've developed your foundations and are starting to become more confident in your real wellness potential, but still, need that support and frequent accountability from your online fitness coach.  This means scaling back some of the online meetings and accountability touchpoints, but still pretty hands on.


Fitness Maintenance With Some Coaching Accountability - Once you've developed your solid fitness foundations and are confident in what you can accomplish, the plan is to get you to fitness maintenance.  Here you will continue to reach your fitness and wellness goals, independently BUT still have the safety net of checking in with Jordan once per month.  Jordan will still provide you with a fitness plan and nutritional/lifestyle guidance, but the accountability frequency will be less often because you won't need these frequent reminders anymore!


Life Events - No matter how hard we try, life still likes to surprise us every once in awhile.  So whether you find yourself recovering from an injury, have a baby, transitioning into menopause or any event where you need to crank up the Coach Jordan accountability and program intensity back up, these temporary bumps in your online coaching schedule are available as needed.



Why Is This The Perfect Time For You To Improve Your Health?


You are here, reading this right now because somewhere in your mind, you've already decided that you want to improve your health.  You also think it's important that you work with a highly qualified exercise professional to help you finally ready your goals.  Now is the time to take that first step forward and improve your wellness and fitness, and FitBee Lifestyle is excited to work with you to help put your health first.  You will also gain a lot of valuable knowledge to improve and sustain your healthy lifestyle choices in the short and long term.

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